Friday, July 19, 2013

Why I Write about Race and Disability

So, I know it can be hard to understand why an able-bodied, thirty something White dude cares about race and disability so much. So instead of writing why I thought I would just show you why:
This is my sister-in-law and neice

These are my cousins Emily and Kim
Golf married my brother Keith. She is from Thailand and moved to America after their marriage. Sammie, one of my three beautiful nieces will always be seen as Asian, even though she is half-White.

Emily and Kim (though we all say Kim and Emily, because that is the proper age order) are adopted into the family. But, honestly, I have no memories of life before them. They are close to my age, and they have always just been Taylors to me, like anyone else.

This is my cousin Blake, and his aunt and uncle

These are my cousins Danielle and Jamie
These are my cousins Bradyn and Parker.
This is my cousin Blake. He, along with my cousin Stephen have severe developmental disabilities. Blake will never be able to walk or talk. But he certainly loves us so well. His Aunt Magali (next to my cousin Joe) is from Mexico and married into our family.

Danielle and Jamie are also adopted memories of our family. Now, unlike Kim and Emily, I remember life before them...a wee bit. And because they grew up quite a ways from the rest of us, I don't know what their experience has been like. But, as with many of you, push comes to shove, I'll shiv you if I have to for the sake of either of them!

These two lovely fellows are Parker and Bradyn. Bradyn is the big brother. These two guys, like my cousin Blake, have some developmental disabilities, though not quite as severe. Their dad, and an aunt and uncle are also 1/4 Japanese.

So, there it is. This is one of the myriad of reasons I care about race and disability. It also gives me a chance to show off my beautiful family. For me race and disability aren't just culture issues, or America issues, or even issues pertaining to faith. For me these issues even go beyond friendship and passions. For me...some of these things just boil down to this: these are my people. This is my family.

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